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Popcorn Supplies

Pop Weaver Nak Paks - 4, 6 & 12 Oz. Portions:
Available in Coconut & Sunflower Oil.

Flavacol 35 Oz.:
For better tasting popcorn.

1 Gallon Coconut Oil:
Makes golden popcorn. Better tasting in flavor and aroma. Does not require refrigeration.

Popcorn Bags:
We carry a full assortment of popcorn bags.
Laminated popcorn bags, laminated movie bags, plastic bags, plain paper bags, we can even get you customized bags with your company logo.

Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop:
This stainless steel scoop is extremely durable. Made from the same stainless steel as the popcorn machines. It will last a very long time. The holes will help the "old maids" to fall back down. Keeping more of the good stuff in your container.

Kettle Cleaning Kit:
Kit includes everything necessary to bring your kettle back to original condition. Kit includes enough supplies for 3-4 applications.

Candy Apple Supplies

Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip
There's not a more consistent, super quality Caramel Apple Dip available.

Large Apple Stix 1000/Box
Large Apple Bubbles 1500/Case

Cotton Candy Supplies

4 Lb. Cotton Candy Floss Sugar:
Floss sugar is packed in a sealed easy pour bottle. Unscrew the bottle and pour directly into the spinner head. No messy mixing or unsanitary sugar buckets.

Blue Raspberry
Pink Vanilla
Bubble Gum
Green Apple

Cotton Candy Bags:
Printed cotton candy bags on a header. They measure 11 1/2" x 18". Packed 1000 per box.

Cotton Candy Cones:
Each cone holds approximately a 1oz serving size of cotton candy. Packed 1000/box. Four boxes per Case

Flossine 1 Lb. Tub:
One tub of concentrate will flavor 160 lbs. of cotton candy sugar.
Available In:
Vanilla PinkLemon Yellow
Cherry RedOrange
Blue RaspberryBubble Gum
Strawberry PinkWatermelon
Grape PurplePina Colada
Mint GreenBanana

Hot Dog Supplies

Hot Dog Foil Wraps:
20" X 10" X 4"

Hot Dog Double Open Paper Bags:
10" X 10 X 4"

White Hot Dog Tray:
Standard size white fluted hot dog trays for serving and handling hot dogs in an economical and sanitary way.

Sno-Cone Supplies

Ready To Use Sno-Cone Syrup:
Available Sizes: 1 gallon, 1 Quart, and premium pint varitety 6 pack

Tigers Blood
Bubble Gum
Green Apple
Blue Raspberry

Ee-Zee Concentrates:
Bubble Gum
Green Apple
Blue Raspberry

Shaved Ice Flavor Bottles:
Spouts and Caps also available

Flower Drip Trays 8 Oz.
Vibrant, multi-colored drip trays for snow-cones. 100 trays per case.

Sno-Cone Cups (case 1000)
Don”t forget the sno-cone cups! Stock up now, with our cases of 1000 (5.75 oz) sno-cone cups. Whether you are operating a full concession stand or making delicious sno-cone on your home snow cone machine, you can rely on Paragon to produce a high quality, leak-proof sno-cone cup for you, your family or your customers.

Slush Supplies

    Valleta Frozen Cocktail Flavors:
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Green Apple
  • Margarita
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Spring Fling
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Green Teal Lemonade
  • Pink Lemonade
  • French Vanilla Late
  • Mocha Latte

Petro Gel:
Petrol-Gel is the purest of lubricants, made with an odorless, tasteless, high viscosity index paraffinic base oil. Petrol-Gel is compounded with appropriate food grade additives to meet the performance demands for all recommended applications.

Slush Cups & Dome Lids:
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